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Catching a Dream

“Like seeing my dreams in the middle of the day”  -Hugo

I love dreaming.  Day dreaming, night-time dreaming, it really doesn’t matter to me.  I love the stories that unfold in my head.  It could be a carefree romance, heart wrenching drama, or terrifying horror.  Well, to be honest, I could do without the horror flicks.  It’s a bit like reading a good book, you just want to savour each tiny detail, each tingling touch.  The sensations linger like wispy clouds that float along the edges of my consciousness after I awake.  I am not one of those people who can return to their dreams.  Once I have woken up, the dream evaporates into my pillow leaving me slightly disconcerted and with a nagging feeling of loss.

If I were able to hold onto these dreams, what would I do with them?  Fill the blank pages of a book?  Perhaps direct them on the set of a movie?  What terrific dreams those authors and screen writers must have.  Their dreams unfold before their eyes.  They are able to hold them and nurture them and watch them grow from a wisp into a giant.

I have heard many times that today’s generation has no imagination.  They exist only in the false world of social media and multi-layered games.  It is destroying their brain cells, killing their ability to interact with one another.  I do not fully agree with that statement.  Yes, today’s child has access to immense amounts of information, they are able to team up with unknown people around the world through video games, and obliterate someone’s self-esteem with the push of a button.  This does not mean they lack the ability to dream.  This is their dreams.  I have heard my son yelling at the characters of his game much the same as my brother used to play with his mini cars.  They are not socially challenged.  They want people to join in.  Four, five in the same room all engaged in the same commotion.  Remember Monopoly, Risk?  These were board games that also required huge amounts of time to finish the games.  Technology is not squashing the imagination.  It is funnelling it into new streams, new dreams.

I wonder what dreams await me tonight.  Maybe it will include that robot from the movie I just finished or the romantic winter setting of my current book.  Whatever adventures linger on the fringes of my imagination are sure to turn into fascinating dreams.

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