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I Humbly Accept this Award….

Counting the accolades before the work is finished.

Have you ever done that?  I do it frequently.  Raking the leaves, I congratulate myself for the surprised and rather pleased look on my husband’s face to see a job completed.  When cooking a new recipe, I imagine the yummy sounds that only a fine tasting meal brings.  I thought of the new business I could start simply because I purchased some material to make a hoodie for my dog (incidentally the material is still sitting untouched in a cupboard).    I caught myself doing it again tonight.  I had a great idea for a story line but instead of actually writing the story, I was already trying to figure out how to market my new and, as of yet, unwritten book.

I always have some new scheme up my sleeve.  If anyone needs a new business idea or marketing campaign, I’m your gal.  I have designed several different small businesses right here in my own home town, everything from a taxi service to a mobile sub shop to a bookkeeping business.  My husband has been very supportive with all my endeavours.  The only one he drew a line at was when I attempted to start my own housecleaning service.  He absolutely refused to back me in anyway, with good reason I might add, I have a terrible time keeping my own house in tiptop shape.  Each business was carefully constructed, researched, and modeled until I was sure it would not fail.  None of them actually got off the ground however.  I simply was not the right person for the job.  The right person usually comes along a couple months later and I go around telling everybody that I was right because I saw the need for the business first!

See, all of these businesses never actually made it to the business stage.   Armed with a shaky grip on reality, head-in-the-clouds syndrome, and a hefty fear of failure, I could not complete the final phase.  Each enterprise had its own reason for self-destruction, very valid reasons.  So I spend my weeks devising the next great adventure complete with a humble attitude about my great success.  When my doggie clothing line becomes the “in” thing for dogs, be sure and drop me a line.  I just might have a special prize for my loyal supporters!


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